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philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.

some may think philosophy is only for the "educated". do you think the lord is partial?

do you believe the lord made some people smarter than others? is the lord not equal?

you child, are way greater than you believe yourself to be. truly, i tell you this.

We have to do everything by the manual and if we dont well probably not get the bonus haha. I also get this a lot, when players win some they always ask if they can tip.

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did you know jesus taught about our god who dwells within us? do you know him? jesus taught us that the kingdom of god was within us, and not outward. jesus taught us that if we would trust in our god who dwells within, our god would be our savior, our helper, our healer of all disease we've brounght upon ourselves through sin of not knowing our father. from the gospel of the nazarene, a man called jesus became a savior to all who understood his teachings about our god who dwells within, our god who knows our, thoughts and our hearts. nothing is hidden from the god who dwells within. he is the living water. man should not deceive himself by thinking god does not know what man does. turn to the lord god, your savior. he will accept you with open arms.

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For example, Auston Matthews' goal total is set at 0. Those trends will carry over from game to game more often than trends for football, which sees a week between contests.